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The Introvert’s Guide to Living On Your Own

Part I: Nutrients You unpack all the boxes and shut the outside world. Silence overwhelms you. No more drunk roommates, waking you up in the middle of the night, chanting obscure lyrics of whiskey; the whole corridor fuming with the... Continue Reading →

Self-Seeding Roots

The melody is all invasive, incubating random thoughts trapped at the back of your mind, not your own but adopted fatherless emotions, belonging to everyone who can┬áhear their shrieks in the cave of the lonely lovely living lack of space... Continue Reading →


There comes a moment when you experience a sensible solitude for the first time in years. The freedom to do anything unobserved, unjudged, fills the air with possibilities. You might have a hard time recognizing the condition at first. Thoughts... Continue Reading →

Weakness Evolved

He is a gladiator on the field, owned by whoever paid the price to watch in cruel satisfaction how his blood leaks out. Just a pagan form of entertainment, valuable only if it survives more than one season. The adrenaline... Continue Reading →

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