There comes a moment when you experience a sensible solitude for the first time in years. The freedom to do anything unobserved, unjudged, fills the air with possibilities. You might have a hard time recognizing the condition at first. Thoughts linger over a cup of tea, a glass of wine or a mist of smoke, waiting patiently to be given the right of realism. Some nights you avoid them, going in circles with people, filling your head with the ideas of others, cautious to let them in.

Healing takes work. One way to start is from the outside in, straining the muscles to the limits of endurance. Learning each day that the boundaries are not set in stone and that the subconscious can become anew. Comfort in your own skin means following your own path. Comparisons lead to insecurities but defeating just the person you were yesterday has the power to harvest a new dawn.

Are we all truly alone in our solitude? Isn’t it a plot line each of us has to experience in order to get in tune with our wavelengths? If the goal is to be a better you, internal assessment is of value. Your strength is my weakness and the other way around. We’re not masterpieces but the paintings in our basements could use a bit more color. Exchange your key for an hour. Don’t forget to keep the draft.

The important part is to not live alone, to reach out and touch the faith in another. Leave a message after the tone. Hopefully, when you fall, someone else will rise. Isn’t that still moving forward? Selfishness lies at the bottom part of the pyramid. History is not just on the pages of books, it’s us. We evolve together through mutual effort in search of a better world. Don’t you want to participate?