Escapism at its finest


April 2017

a quest for truth

When i wanted the words in the air they would twirl, behind the side smiles and the downtrodden curls. When i wanted a question the tension would rise, just to hear the lyrics of our mutual vice. And the answers... Continue Reading →

frequency of softmetals and heavydrinks

The challenge will be skipped in turns - first the┬áman-child full of smears, then a she-wolf dried by tears, each bringing to terms a vortex of time, a poison. I a bullet, a circus of violets, calling checks and mates... Continue Reading →


There comes a moment when you experience a sensible solitude for the first time in years. The freedom to do anything unobserved, unjudged, fills the air with possibilities. You might have a hard time recognizing the condition at first. Thoughts... Continue Reading →


The scripture pillow - an illusion. Breathe in, breathe out, my only eyes. We did it, almost in a fusion; Tomorrow is another dice. * They said i was afraid. And so it seemed. And what i gained was less,... Continue Reading →

Weakness Evolved

He is a gladiator on the field, owned by whoever paid the price to watch in cruel satisfaction how his blood leaks out. Just a pagan form of entertainment, valuable only if it survives more than one season. The adrenaline... Continue Reading →

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