Escapism at its finest


Waiting for the green light, every night at nine, exhaustion and excitement all at once - a joke, as black as the screen.   Cheerful sadness from another window, every song repeating, dreadful and distracting all at once - a... Continue Reading →

To a friend

  Before your snake tongues licked the naked neck, Itching every spot of insecurity to blood, The mirror showed the neon wreck Cemented neatly after every flood, Humming your ignorance.    

Self-Seeding Roots

The melody is all invasive, incubating random thoughts trapped at the back of your mind, not your own but adopted fatherless emotions, belonging to everyone who can hear their shrieks in the cave of the lonely lovely living lack of space... Continue Reading →


Every time he lived to tell the tale of his heart, the doctors laughed in his face. It had all started when he was twelve, or was it when he was fourteen? A memory's exact moment in history is difficult to... Continue Reading →


Listen to the Reaper around the corner, who sings the song of the flesh, while the tearful eyes of the mourner beg forgiveness and egress. The beginning of each spring was marked by a commemoration of the deceased. Adults held... Continue Reading →

a quest for truth

When i wanted the words in the air they would twirl, behind the side smiles and the downtrodden curls. When i wanted a question the tension would rise, just to hear the lyrics of our mutual vice. And the answers... Continue Reading →

frequency of softmetals and heavydrinks

The challenge will be skipped in turns - first the man-child full of smears, then a she-wolf dried by tears, each bringing to terms a vortex of time, a poison. I a bullet, a circus of violets, calling checks and mates... Continue Reading →


There comes a moment when you experience a sensible solitude for the first time in years. The freedom to do anything unobserved, unjudged, fills the air with possibilities. You might have a hard time recognizing the condition at first. Thoughts... Continue Reading →

The Right Don’t Need Fixing, But Let’s Make Sure

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