Escapism at its finest

How to Build a Better World in 3 Small Steps

I'm gonna put my heart out to you. I hope that someone gets it and use it as they use their own. To become part of it, part of you. Because in the end, all that matters is to move... Continue Reading →



Whitewashed walls and an iron bed in the corner breathed heavily under the wool of a blanket over a blanket over the sheets, covering a body.  

Sex Beats: The Case Against Doggy Style

Input from different sources shows that most girls like doggy style. And the question I have every time in the back of my mind is "Why?".

Break Down: “Look What You Made Me Do”

The compulsory classical bend of the good girl

The Introvert’s Guide to Living On Your Own

Part I: Nutrients

Salt Addict

Quench the thirst for scattered memories on the merciless waves of tearful drops, refusing to dry out


Waiting for the green light, every night at nine, exhaustion and excitement all at once - a joke, as black as the screen.

To a friend

Neon snakes

Self-Seeding Roots

One metaphor in countless thoughts with countless meanings, every one right on its own.

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